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I am a small town boy from North Dakota. I moved to Minneapolis/St. Paul in 2007 to persue my career in graphic design. In my career I have found a few other things I wanted to get into, such as photography and web design. I have been in the digital arts field now for about 6 years and not once have I thought of turning back. I love what I do.


Over the years I have accrued a great deal of skill and experience. But don't take my word for it. See what others are saying about me, and what I can do.

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    Melissa Budensiek, Social Media Strategist, Del Monte Agency (colleague)
    "David is a huge asset to our team. He is constantly bringing new and exciting ideas to the table, along with a touch of good humor. I have had the pleasure of working on multiple projects with him and the clients appreciate the extra steps he takes to make the project just how they envision it." March 14, 2012
    Daniel Pesis, SociaLink Media, (Owner)
    "David was a pleasure to collaborate with. He possesses the advanced skills of a designer - he is meticulous, patience and detailed - along with the business savvy and strategy know-how of a professional. David's work speaks for itself, his designs and artwork come in an array of mediums and his ability to produce at a high level in many facets is an asset. I recommend David strongly, without reservation." May 25, 2011
    Heather Ell, Account Executive, Del Monte Agency (colleague)
    "David is the anchor to my team. He is reliable, timely, and CREATIVE... My goodness is this man creative! Even when given the simplest task he can add a beautiful spin that will turn anyone's head. In every project Dave is given he makes sure it is done right, on time, and aesthetically pleasing. It truly is a joy working with him." January 3, 2013
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    About the Grad Expo Poster Contest
    This is the first time I have said this about any of the posters for the Grad Expo, but I felt compelled to do so. As a former instructor teaching students in the Advertising Design Program, the Visual Communications Program, and Radio & Television Production Programs how to create Ad material that will catch attention, create interest, and desire, and instill a call to action (the old AIDA formula for advertising), I can honestly say that I think this is the best Grad Expo poster I have ever seen. It caught my attention right away, and is very effective in its Ad copy and headline tag as well. I don't know who made this poster but just wanted to publically say "Excellent Job" to whoever designed it. If you could pass this compliment on to whomever that may be I would appreciate it.

    Kathleen Greenwood - Brown College

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  • Web Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Photography
  • Developement



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