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About the project

A standard sweepstakes with instant-win and Grand Prize components.

Oatmeal lovers rejoice! Users can cast their vote for their favorite oatmeal toppings for a chance to instantly win spa gift cards or the Grand Prize, a Spa Getaway. They can also see how their favorites stand up nation wide. Users can only vote once during the sweepstakes but can be entered once a day for the Grand Prize. Users were encouraged to come back daily to see how their favorite toppings were stacking up.

Large, easy-to-use voting interface

This grouping of the six most popular flavors gathered from market research is a breeze to use. Upon interacting with the section the user will notice a subtle and pleasant hover state and a more prominent active and clicked states. There is even a convenient 'clear selections' button to start over if the excitement proved too much.

Displays national votes

Know how your favorite flavors compare to the rest of the country with a classic bar graph that quickly conveys the most popular flavor so far. This graph uses the same color scheme as the voting buttons.

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