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About the project

A buy/get program to reinforce brand loyalty

A buy/get program is simple. You purchase something, you get something. In this case if you purchase 5 Starbucks Frappuccinos you can get one reward. Buy 10, you can get an additional reward, 2 in total. All submissions required a valid receipt to be uploaded via this website.

Track your purchases

Watch your purchases stack up with this easy to read tracker. After uploaded receipts have been validated the approved purchase(s) will appear here. This gives the customer incentive to keep working towards that reward they've had their eye on. Filled bottles and greyed out buttons clearly show what needs to be done.

Choose your reward

The reward redemption portion of the site allows customers to choose and confirm their reward choice. Steps were taken to design this section to display a lock on items not yet available as well as an 'out of stock' message on rewards whose quantity drops to zero.

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